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About Naturally Hard® Ingredients; Conventional Western Medicine labeled Naturally Hard® ‘A Revolutionary Sexual Supplement’; for this honor is appreciative. According to these medical experts this ‘new proven protocol’ begins working with its very first dosage. While everyone at Naturally Hard ‘appreciates their endorsement’ we find it interesting that these medical experts call Naturally Hard® ‘Revolutionary’ given that ‘12’ of its ‘16’ ingredients are not only 100% natural, but they’ve each, individually, been successfully used, validated, certified and documented by Alternative Medical Experts as Sexual Stimulants for Centuries and have worked for well over half of the World’s male population.
The Naturally  Hard® ‘protocol’ is proven to work for men of all ages; producing stronger, firmer, longer lasting erections than any other natural pill in the world. It’s also documented to increase desire, arousal, as well as its ability to extend performance. One Naturally Hard® ingredient alone has now been validated-certified-documented by medical experts to work naturally ‘very similar to Viagra®’.

Our research team scientifically engineered the Naturally  Hard® capsules, by applying available historically validated science, to address the crucial areas of importance which contribute too many men experiencing less than desirable erections, or no erections at all.

What are some of the Causes of Erictile Dysfunction

Insufficient Blood Flow FACT: A man who doesn’t receive sufficient blood flow to his penis will not be able to get an erection! A network of nerve cells known as the alpha-2 adrenergic system serves to ‘limit’ the amount of blood entering the penis under normal circumstances; otherwise men would have to live with an erection 24 hours a day. When a man is sexually stimulated, the brain releases ‘chemical messengers’ to shut down the alpha-2 adrenergic system, thus allowing a free flow of blood into the pelvic region. 
Men who have a decreased libido experience a deficiency in the release of these ‘chemical messengers’. Their bodies send out only small amounts of those ‘chemical messengers’ which results in a very weak erection - or no erection at all. This is where Naturally Hard® plays one vital role

Lack of Nitric Oxide: Researchers discovered back in the late 90’s that the release of nitric oxide from nerve endings in the penis caused erections, but the temporary release of nitric oxide - a neurotransmitter that survives just a few seconds before breaking down - couldn't explain how erections are naturally sustained over time. Scientists later found that after an initial burst of nitric oxide from the nerve endings triggers an erection, blood vessels release more nitric oxide to harden and maintain the erection. The ‘triggering’ - releasing of additional nitric oxide can be done safely - naturally, or ‘Pharmaceutically’ via more dangerous Prescription Drugs; Naturally Hard® does it naturally… hence the comments from Western Medical Experts “very similar to Viagra®”.

Neurological Factors: While blood flow and nitric oxide are critically important, don’t forget the other major factor in the body’s erection process; the role of the nervous system. As stated previously the entire erection process is actually controlled by the nervous system. It’s an intricate system involving ‘stimulus-response’ exchanges which serve as the blueprint for attaining erections. If any element of this system fails - the entire erection process is in serious jeopardy.
The leading neurological breakdown that results in a weak or deficient erection is a result of the body releasing an insufficient amount of norepinephrine, the neurotransmitter [chemical messenger within the brain], that sets off a series of physiological responses in the body that ultimately lead to a firm - lasting erection. Naturally Hards’ medically validated-certified-documented ingredients initiate a biosynthetic conversion which leads to the proven elevation of norepinephrine.

Naturally Hard® is proven to work for men of all ages; producing firmer, fuller, stronger, longer lasting erections than any other Natural Oral Protocol in the World; documented to increase desire, arousal, and the ability to extend performance, rivaling even noted Prescription Drugs. One Naturally Hard® natural ingredient alone has been certified by those medical experts to work ‘… very similar to Viagra®’; without any of the negative side effects of Viagra®.  
The success of Naturally Hard® is due to the documented ‘historic science’ which is its formula. The application of what medical experts call cutting-edge technology and the use of only the highest level of ‘active ingredients’ in its certified formula. Again with Naturally Hard® First and Foremost it’s about the Pharmacology [History/Science] behind the formula; what Western Medicine calls ‘the protocol’. Our team scientifically engineered Naturally Hard® capsules, by applying available historically validated-certified science, addressing the known crucial areas which contribute too so many men experiencing less than desirable erections, or no erections at all.

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